Our Company


Dirigible Systems is an IT Systems Engineering and Computing Services company. We specialize in Technical Project Management and Information Systems Engineering that focuses on maximizing the value while minimizing the risks to you, our client. As an integral part of your leadership team, we work to ensure the success of your critical IT projects on your behalf. Our full-service solutions experts can create a unique computing infrastructure that utilizes the power of the cloud, fog, and edge. Or we can produce innovative web applications that leverage your enhanced capabilities and optimize your resources.

Core Values

Dirigible was founded in January 2020 as the brainchild of Julius Knapp III and Christopher Nallo. Having previously worked together to produce a mobile application for the Maryland Mallet and with extensive experience producing a variety of cloud computing systems for Cisco and the DoD, they partnered to address the problems of scale they experienced. Specifically, they found that applications were limited in their responsiveness and security. Fog computing, a potential paradigm shift initially developed in 2011, emerged as the solution.

Since its founding, Dirigible has been honored to be selected as a finalist for the Carroll Biz Challenge in its first year of operation. We were also awarded our first contract with the DoD to provide our expertise. And last but certainly not least, our original customer, the Maryland Mallet, has continued to use our service.



January 2020
  • Dirigible Systems Takes Off

Dirigible Systems officially launches in January 2020 as the brainchild of Julius Knapp III and Christopher Nallo

March 2020
  • DOD Contract

Dirigible Systems joins a DOD contract to provide full-stack development services and produce sophisticated web applications and containerized services

August 2020
  • Carroll Biz Challenge

As one of only five finalists, Julius Knapp III, Christopher Nallo, and Tiffany Crump present Dirigible Systems and its effort to introduce a fog computing platform to Westminster and Carroll County

October 2020
  • 1 Million Cups

Julius presents Dirigible Systems during the inaugural meeting of 1 Million Cups in Westminster, MD

May 2020
  • Autonomous Corridor Project

The Dirigible Systems booth showcased our ability to integrate machine vision with smart robotics and edge computing to improve autonomous vehicle safety

The Team


Julius Knapp III

Founder and CEO

Julius has worked in the Intelligence Community and DoD for more than 12 years as a Systems Engineer, Project Manager, and Full-stack Web and Mobile Application Developer. He is proficient in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Angular, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Before this, Julius earned a BS in Mathematics from UMBC and an MS in IT Systems Engineering from UMGC.

Christopher Nallo

Founder and CTO

Christopher has more than 22 years of experience within the IT industry as a DevOps Engineer, Database Manager, and Java Developer. He has produced enterprise-grade infrastructure services using Docker and Kubernetes for companies such as Sourcefire and Cisco.

Prior to starting his career, Christopher earned a BS in Computer Science from UMBC.


Welcome to our vibrant and dynamic workplace, where innovation thrives, and challenges are embraced with enthusiasm! At Dirigible Systems Inc., we specialize in assisting small and medium businesses and organizations as they navigate through novel and exciting obstacles daily. Our fast-paced and demanding environment is balanced by the camaraderie and joy we find in our work. While we value extensive experience and expert skills in potential employees, we foster a culture where failure is seen as an opportunity to learn and grow. Transparency and openness are the cornerstones of our organization, where honesty, even in saying “I don’t know,” is celebrated. Collaboration and mentorship are actively encouraged, as we believe in lifting each other to new heights. If you are seeking a place where you can unleash your potential, contribute to meaningful projects, and be part of a supportive team, explore our job vacancies and join us in our pursuit of excellence. Together, we can make a lasting impact and create a brighter future for businesses and organizations worldwide.

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