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Fog Computing

What is Fog Computing?
Fog Computing brings your cloud computing resources down to the ground. It puts computing resources closer to where you live and work.

Is this like a CDN?
Fog Computing is conceptually similar to a CDN (Content Delivery Network), but that’s where the similarity ends. A CDN is essentially a distributed cache for web content. Fog Computing provides a distributed processing platform.

The Company

When were you founded?
Dirigible was founded in January of 2020

Where were you founded?
We were founded in Westminster, MD

Why Westminster?
Why not Westminster?! It’s nestled in the heart of Carroll County, surrounded by a plethora of companies from a variety of industries, and it’s only minutes away from both Baltimore and Washington.

Our Services

Can you set up a Fog Computing instance for my company?
Certainly! Our public fog computing network is expected to launch by late 2023. If you would like your own private instance, contact us directly. We work closely with our clients to tailor a private fog computing instance to meet their needs.

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